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Majaca Solutions Creative Design Specialist About Section

Hello and welcome! My name is Jade and I am a professional Creative Designer with many years of experience in the industry. I specialize in creating visually stunning designs that effectively communicate your brand story.


My work combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, resulting in an immersive digital experience. I have helped my clients design websites, graphic animations, banners, wall media artwork, magazines, catalogs, brochures, and impactful graphics tailored to their specific requirements. 

I work with multiple platforms to help my clients reach their target audience and wow them with exceptional quality service. My approach is grounded in transparency, effective communication, and cultivating strong client relationships. Throughout every stage of the project, I work closely with my clients, ensuring their vision remains the driving force behind all design decisions. 

I understand that you have a life outside of work, so let me take care of your business needs while you spend time with your loved ones. Contact me today and let's get started!

Wordpress Web Design Services
Squarespace Web Design Services
Shopify E-commerce Web design services
Wix web design and SEO specialist
Figma Designer
Adobe Creative Cloud Specialist
Canva Graphic Design Expert
Amazon KDP specialist and designer

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Courses and Certificates

Enrolling in these courses is a clear demonstration of my passion, commitment, and unwavering determination to enhance my skills and provide top-notch services that stand out in the industry.

Build A Full Website Using Wordpress Professional Certificate

Build A Full Website Using 


Completing this course I gained these skills:

  • Web Development

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Digital Media

  • Computer Science

Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress Certificate.

Increase SEO Traffic with 


Completing this course I gained these skills:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Analytics

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Marketing

SEO Squarespace Certificate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Completing this course I gained these skills:

  • Squarespace

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Meta Description

  • Local Search

  • On-Page SEO

Figma Designer Certificate

Work with Components in


Completing this course I gained these skills:

  • Software Engineering

  • Application Design

  • Web Design

  • Webpage Creation

  • Application Development

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design Certificate.jpeg

Foundations of (UX) Design

Google UX Design

Completing this course I gained these skills:

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Prototype

  • Wireframe

  • User Experience Design (UXD)

  • UX Research

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